Scent Throw??!!??

I started my own business in May, called [b]SoyLutions, LLC[/b]. I had been selling soy candles for my Aunt for two years and we had decided to go our seperate ways. She was not able to meet my demands. My sales have really been soring!

Unfortunately, I have been testing and testing and testing since Memorial Day weekend in MAY! I am still not able to get a good hot throw.

I have experiemented with different types and sizes of wicks. I use 100% pure soy wax and add a Universal Soy Additive (1 tablespoon per pound). I always add 1.5 ounces of pure (un-cut) fragrances per pound of wax. However, I still am not able to get a strong scent throw. My candles come out looking and smelling (cold) GREAT! But, I just can't get a STRONG SCENT THROW WHEN it they are lit! :cry:

Can anyone please help me..?? I would appreciate any imput or suggestions you might have. :?: :?: :!: :idea:



I was having a frosting problem and switched waxes, now not much of a problem anymore. Also I was told by a vendor to lower temp to 125 before adding scent. This has helped. redmaple

Scent Throw

[b][color=blue][/color]Hi Sandy,
Thank you so much for replying to my message from 8/6/06. Believe it or not, I'm just getting around to answering you.

I've been sooooo so busy! I am trying to get everything together and ready for my Grand-Opening! I am getting so excited.

I'm still trying new scents, however. I guess I'll always be doing that! I have a fundraiser for a Girl Scout Troop coming up in November, so I want to make sure I pick the best selling top 10 for them, ya know.

I know what you mean about the cost of the scents too! Wow! Talk about you can really get into some serious bucks!

I have been running into a NEW problem just in the last week that has me VERY concerned. I've been asking everyone I can about it and I thought you may be able to enlighten me!

I am having a horrible time with frosting all around the top of the candles and sometimes going down to about midway down the container!! :( I just don't know what I am doing wrong! I've even tried pouring in a different room and closing the AC vents in that room, thinking the cool air could be causing it.

I also tried heating up the containers first so the temperature difference wouldn't be such a shock, but I am still getting some frosting. I also tried pouring at a higher temp than I usually do (150), because someone told that was probably the problem.

Have you ever experienced this problem before?

Do you have any idea what could be causing this frosting or what I should try?

Does anyone out there have any idea what I should try or what I may be doing wrong?

Please let me know if you do! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh, I wanted to tell "The Candleman" hello! I visited your site tonight. It's cute. I have a question though. How are you making pillars with 100% pure Soy Wax? Just curious...[/b]

I am still having trouble making my candles have a strong throw after starting in May. [color=red][b]I need some advise and help![/b][color]. [b]Can someone please help??[/b]Sincerely, Donna/SoyLutions, LLC/Proprietor

scent throw

Isnt testing so much fun lol. Some scents work in soy and some don't. May I ask where you get your FO's from. Little by little I am figuring out which scents work and which ones I just have to give up on and which supplier to order from and so on. I've been testing since about March...long process :( I can tell you I have had success with FO's from Bittercreek North, Nature's Garden and Fragrace Oil Heaven. There are two suppliers that I don't want to mention on here that I have just given up on.
Here are some that I do know work in my C-3 soy wax at [b]1 oz per 1 lb [/b]

Natures Garden- Sugar Cookie- Super Strong Hot Throw!!!!
- County Bumpkin
-Island Fresh "GAIN" -
Bittercreek North- Lilac - Super Strong Hot Throw!!! One of my favorites
Lavender Basil (BNL)
Strawberry Jam- Super Strong Hot Throw
Spiced Cranberry- Super Strong Hot Throw

Fragrance Oil Heaven- Apple Cobbler- Strong Hot Throw
-Cherry Cobbler- Strong Hot Throw
_Hawaiian Hibiscus- Strong Hot Throw
- Creme Brulee- Strong Hot Throw
There's alot more but I just don't have my notes in front of me right now
I have read on other forums sometimes adding to much FO can cause light scent throw thats why I always test at 1 oz per lb and go from there I figure if you can get a kick a$$ throw from 1 oz per 1 lb why waste the money adding more FO if you don't need to. Shoot the FO's cost enough already. Sometimes wicks to can cause problems with scent throw too. I tell ya sometimes I just want to give up testing but once I get that perfect candle burning it keeps me wanting to do more!!! And also sometimes some scents need to "cure" I really don't care for the ones that you need to cure for 2-3 weeks I figure if they don't throw after a week of curing then I'm not wasting my time on those FO's
Hope this helped ya believe me I am no expert but boy am I learning lots!!!

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