My wax changing color

I am a new comer to making soy candles. I purchased Eco CB135 and used Nag Champa fragrance but bought the 4oz jar and wick from fillmore containers. The thing is the tarts are great but once I did the candles the wax turned blue. I'm not using any dyes. My question is what might be going wrong??? the WICK?? Please advice

wax changing color

this happened to me as well. I recently started using eco soy cb 135 wax, oregon trail dragon fire fo (i've used this for many years) and hemp/eco wicks. the candle looked great until i did a test burn and thats when the melt pool turned blue. the only thing that i have changed is the wax i use. has anyone else experienced this issue? i changed to cb135 because it was significantly cheaper than what i usually use... so maybe that's a lesson learned!

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