Multiple wick candles


I have been candle making since 7 years and am still experiencing trouble with multiple wick candles.
I use the CB Advanced as well as the C3 soy wax. For single wick applications I have no problems, these candles turn out great every time, but for multiple wick candles I have big issues.
After about 15 hours of burning a lot of soot will build up on the surface of the candle and since the melt pool is so deep the wax at the top becomes dark yellow from heating up I guess. I have been testing like crazy in the past 2 months but can not figure out a solution so am asking for your help and advice!!

I usually use 3 x CD7 with the CB Advanced for a 4.75" diameter vase that is 5" high. or if I use the C3, I use 3 x CD10. I prefer the CB Advanced since the wax does not bubble and I can pop the CB Advanced candles out of the vases so I can offer them as refills to my clients (unless it's summer, then I have difficulty getting them out). I have tried, CSN, HTP, LX, ECO, RRD and CD's but with all brands and different sizes I still get soot build up when using 3 wicks.

I have also tried to mix the wax with palm wax (at 30%). Okay but not the best look or burn result and still soot on the surface.
I have also tried with the PB from ecosoya (not great either and the wax becomes so yellow that is looks dirty.
now I am trying with a pillar paraffin at 20%. The finish looks amazing, shiny and glossy and pops out of the mould easier, but there is still soot on the surface.

Can anyone please please help me with any advice?

Thank you so much in advance!!!


Multiple Wick Candles

I think you are using too many wicks for the jar size, this would cause the soot and the too deep melt pool. For my 4" wide jars, I only use one LX24 wick and I get a great melt pool within 3 hours.


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