Mottling & it the same???

I am a newbie and am experiencing frosting or mottling on half of the candles I make.

I use ECOSOYA advanced CB, liquid color, fragrance from Natures Garden or Millcreek.
I have tried every melt/pour temperature on the thermometer and have not cracked the code yet.

In almost all cases the frosting is at the bottom of the container only.

Any advice is much appreciated :P

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Mottling & it the same???

First off, frosting is a characteristic of soy wax. If it's not too bad, I say let it go. My customers don't mind a little frosting when it happens. Here are a couple tips to reduce frosting.
The room that you pour your candles and store them should be between 67-75 deg F. Soy candles hate the cold.

Pour your wax at the lowest temperature possible, no higher than 125 deg F.

Use good soy wax I use Cargill C-3.

Pour your wax very slow.

I have a section on my website that shows beginners how to make soy candles, I also have a troubleshooting guide. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

Mottling & it the same???

My mom and I have found that we need to pour at a temp of at least 150 degrees in order to not get the "bad" looking tops. Try a hotter pour.


Hello, I am also new to candlemaking and am having the same problem with the candles frosting. Did you find a solution?

Mottling & it the same???

i just poured my first candle with ecosoya adv. and had no problem, this is the one wax that is not suppose to do that, that's why i ordered it.... maybe it is the dye you are using... i used a dye block... i will do some more and let you know how it goes !!!


I'm new to candlemaking too and what I've found out so far is to heat the wax to 195 degrees! It worked beautifully for my son. He made his first candle and it is the only one out of dozens that I've made to come out! I've been fighting with frosted candles for months. He walks in the kitchen microwaves the wax to 200 (he told me) then adds the color at 150, then the scent at 130, and pours when the wax looks filmy on top, and he keeps a box over the candles for 2 to 3 days, and it's the only candle to come out flawless! I could scream :) When I make them, they always come out with frosting! I must be cursed :( So, I hope this helps!)

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