LX Wicks

Has anyone had any luck with LX wicks? I can't seem to get a burn pool larger than an inch and a half wide!! I started with 16, then 18, then 20, then 21, and now I'm at 22 for a small container. (18 was recommended...) LX 22 still isn't producing a burn pool large enough for a 2.75 inch wide container... I'm using EcoSoya Pure.

Has anyone had similar results? I've heard good things about HTP wicks. Perhaps I'll try them next. I can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong!!

LX Wicks

I use LX wix with Ecosoya Advanced wax. I use one LX24 wick for my jars that are between 3.5" - 4". I get a full melt pool within 3 hours, which is perfect.


LX Wicks

LX is a great wick for containers and pillars, since a consistent flame keeps the heat in the center of the candle, helping to insure that:

- Glass containers don't overheat on one side, while wax remains unmelted on the other.

- Pillars don't 'tunnel', causing wax to leak out and spill.

So as you can see according to candle science the LX wick is only doing what it is supposed to do. Have you tried using cotton wicks perhaps ?

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