Color mixing

Hello all! I'm so glad I found this site.. packed with great info.

I have 2 questions. Is there a color mixing chart available that would have some guidelines and ideas for mixing certain colors to achieve others? I am currently using dye flakes but have ordered Reddig glo color chips to experiment with those. And does anyne have any experience in using the Reddig glo chips with soy wax?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Color mixing

Reddig glo dye chips work fine in soy. The colors are not as dark as with soy dye chips. Your wax must be the right temperature to melt the chip and dissolve the color. Check with your supplier. Sometimes the yellow shades are a little hard to dissolve without having any pigment left in the bottom. I just smash the pigment up with a spoon or throw out the last teaspoon after pouring the rest. Some suppliers recommend only 1 chip per pound of wax, a red chip will produce a shade of pink or light red candle. If you use too much more than that you risk the pigment clogging the wick. We are using soy dye chips for darker colors. Soy dye chips available at Happy and safe candle making! redmaple :)

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