Candle Supplies

For the most part I order from and there pretty good. There the cheapest you can find as far as I know. However if anyone knows of anywhere else please let me know. I also buy from, and a couple other. I have found that some are good for certain items and some won't deliver certain places. So it helps to have a wide range of suppliers at your finger tips. Also check out hobby lobby and micheals if you have them where you live. You can also go to other craft stores for containers and what not to avoid shipping fees.

Candle Supplies

I too buy a lot from Candle Science. I get some things from Natures Garden also. I get my UV Inhibitor from Peak as I found theirs to be the best for dissolving in the wax. I have ordered in the past from Lone Star Candle, but not much anymore. Another place I like is Bittercreek Candle Supply. Often I will check the pricing at each for what I want and then the shipping. Depending on the shipping costs, the entire order is often cheaper at a place that charges more for the actual product.

I get my containers at Freund Container.


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