Best place to buy SOY?

For you pros, where is the best place to buy quality SOY wax?
also fragrances, wicks, etc?
I am in Central NY


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Soy Supplier

Early American Candle Supplies is a distributor for Elevance and Eco-Soya waxes. We also carry Libbey and Anchor Hocking glass and our own line of fragrance oils that are formulated to work in our waxes at only 5% load! In addition, we cut and tab our own wicks and will cut to any length at just a 500 pc minimum (can you say "no more trimming?" :))

We ship from Western PA.

Early American Candle Supplies


I have ordered three shipments from CandleScience, and they're great. They're customer service is top notch. A few times I've emailed them with a question and they get back to me in a few hours. They ship lightning fast. I ordered a pouring pot on Monday night and I had it by Thursday morning!!! I've been to a lot of soy websites, and their's is by far, the easiest to navigate.


Best place to buy SOY?

Hello, I get most of my candles supplies from I use the Soy Wax 444 Easy Soy. It gives me smooth tops every time and it's a one pour wax. Their fragrances are wonderful, too. I also get my fragrances from Flickers, Bitter Creek and Lone Star Candles. Wix n Wax is in Texas but I had so much trouble with other soy waxes having the uneven tops that when I tried their Easy Soy, I couldn't believe my eyes. No more rough tops. HTH.


Best place to buy SOY?

I use several different distributors. I use Tennessee Candle Supplies for my wax. I also use Snowtop for a lot of my fragrances... they have some killer bakery scents!

Best place to buy SOY?

Try They are not in New York, but charge actual shipping and have quality products. Good luck and happy candle making redmaple

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